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  • Fight, Flight, Freeze!

    In the labyrinth of the human mind, anxiety often stands as a formidable opponent, casting shadows over even the sunniest of days. Anxiety is not merely a fleeting feeling of unease. It can be a persistent companion, whispering doubts and insecurities, instigating a turbulent inner storm, and affecting how we function and relate daily.

    What I’ve come to discover, and consistently emphasize with my clients, is the notion that your body and mind are ceaselessly striving to serve your best interests. Anxiety serves as a medium through which your body communicates with you, a mechanism designed to mobilize you in response to perceived threats. This innate response, commonly known as the “fight, flight, or freeze” reaction, is your body’s way of safeguarding you when confronted with triggers reminiscent of past painful experiences. Although the threats you face in the modern world may differ from wolves or steep cliffs, your body’s intention remains constant: to care for your well-being, irrespective of the actual danger. When anxiety becomes a frequent and unwelcome companion, seemingly at odds with your life vision, I encourage you to seek support.

    In the presence of a trusted confidant where you can be your authentic self, those turbulent worries can be examined with increased confidence and precision. Identifying the triggers that ignite your unease is the initial stride toward better management. Whether your anxiety is entwined with work-related stress, relationship challenges, or life’s uncertainties, we confront these hurdles together, crafting strategies to navigate them effectively.

    If you find yourself fatigued from battling these shadows, I wholeheartedly invite you to connect with me and embark on a journey toward rest. Remember, you are deserving of peace, and you possess the capabilities to attain it.

    By: Rachel (Rae) Schrick, AMFT

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