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  • Slaying the Beast

    Living with Type 2 Diabetes and being insulin dependent for me looks like slaying the beast daily. Remembering water, snacks, insulin, diabetes supplies, and being prepared. Slaying the beast for me is just that, being ready for anything. How many days have you wished that you could not do a single thing related to your diabetes? For me, this was weekly until I decided to change. I changed my mindset surrounding diabetes from a negative to a positive. Instead of being negative about all diabetes-related things I must do, I reframed this too, I have diabetes, and it does not control me. I have all the power and control. A positive mindset can make all the difference in letting diabetes control you versus you taking back the control. 

    Slaying the beast requires control, it requires me to be prepped and ready. With this new positive mindset, I am less stressed and anxious when my blood sugar fluctuates. Being prepared means being in control and I like to be in control. Sometimes when I have a hypo episode my anxiety increases, but I know what to do, which gives me the control and peace of mind. 

    In slaying the beast, I have also found that wearing a CGM a (continuous glucose monitor) has changed how I view my diabetes and how food and exercise are monumental to my diabetes management. I am curious what you have learned about your diabetes? I preface “your” because diabetes is very much individualized, meaning each person’s blood sugar fluctuates based on age, weight, food intake, digestion, and/or exercise to name a few. I can be out with a friend and have some ice cream and I know about two hours later my blood sugar is going to be high. Whereas maybe you know that eating ice cream does not spike your sugars like me. I also know that as I see my CGM climbing, if I go for a walk and get my heart rate increased my sugars will come down and I am less stressed and in control. 

    I have found over the years that slaying the beast for me is about learning, planning, prepping and ultimately being in control. You are not defined by diabetes! You don’t have to feel guilty about your food choices, your weight, or dealing with diabetes. You, too, can learn a positive mindset and slay the beast!

    By: Jennifer Martin-Schantz, PsyD