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    Elaine Murphy, MS, AMFT

    Accepting clients in Brea and Newport Beach

    I’m Elaine, a licensed associate Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to working with individuals, children, adolescents, and families.

    Life presents its challenges, and I empathize with the importance of having a supportive companion to navigate through these struggles. Trauma can manifest at any point in life, influencing our perception of the world, behavior, and self-view, sometimes leaving us feeling overwhelmed. By addressing trauma and other complex situations, we can embark on a journey to rediscover ourselves and perceive the world from a renewed perspective.

    My passion lies in assisting you in uncovering your inner strength and voice as we navigate life’s challenges, fostering healing for the tender areas of your heart. My ultimate goal is to see you achieve integration and wholeness, empowering you to thrive in your life. Whether you’re grappling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, addiction, or past trauma, my approach is warm, empathic, and collaborative, centered around your unique needs. Additionally, I offer resources such as EMDR therapy and bring over 30 years of ministry experience.

    You possess the resilience to heal, and I would be honored to guide you on this transformative journey. Taking the step to seek therapy requires courage, and I am here to offer my unwavering support. Reach out, and let’s embark on the path to healing together!

    Elaine is available for in-person and telehealth sessions.

    Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #144428

    Supervised by Laura L. Steele, PsyD

    PSY22031  MFT32600

    [email protected]