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  • Tips for Managing Anxiety

    Anxiety and worry are normal feelings that occur in every day situations.  Everyone feels anxious sometimes, but when our anxiety gets too big it can cause us to feel scared, begin to panic, or want to run away.  Sometimes, feeling anxious can also make us want to get mad and fight!  These reactions are our brain’s way for keeping us safe. All animals have this trigger, as it keeps is out of danger, like bunnies when they run away from a dog.  However, sometimes our brains flip that switch in situations where we’re completely safe but it still causes a big anxious feeling that really isn’t necessary.

    Tips for reducing anxiety:

    Do a grounding technique.  Some recent news says that sour candy helps ground us, which is one way to do it!  In a snap, you can also use the 5-4-3-2-1 technique:Say 5 things you can see…4 things you can feel…3 things you can hear…2 things you can smell…and 1 thing you can taste!There! You’re grounded to your senses rather than to your irrational feelings!

    Remember to breathe!  Using 4-7-8 breathing is a great way to also regulate your breathing, as that will help slow your CNS response and helps your brain focus on other things.  If you want a cute video, Grover can you show you.  Otherwise there are many others that work too. 

     Here are basics:Inhale for a slow count of 4. Hold your breath for a slow count of 7. Exhale, blowing through your lips in a focused stream, for 8. These techniques will help you and your child through those big feelings and really can help with panic attacks. However, sometimes with the cycle of anxiety, you have to either catch it early and redirect, or wait until after resolution starts to intervene.

    By: Amy Hammerschlag, PA