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    Group Therapy/Workshop


    “MARRIAGE MATTERS” with Pinkal Panchal, MA, AMFT is an action oriented eight session group therapy that will help couple rekindle trust and refuel romantic relationship. This summer dive deep into learning about your partner’s love style to enhance your interpersonal relationship while practicing healthy ways to communicate. 

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    Worried about your teen locked up in the room, stuck on electronics, socially inactive, anxious, depressed and loosing confidence. If you think it is hard for you to convince them to do anything, “Mind Your Mind” with Pinkal Panchal, MA, AMFT is the workshop that focuses on building support group for your teens. Teenagers will practice hands on activities to develop interpersonal communication skills, while being able to connect, relate and validate experiences of other kiddos of their age group. This summer help your teens to attend a rather fun and playful workshop that focuses on mindfulness and self healing techniques. 

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